About me

Mi(♡)art comes from the strong passion that i have for all kind of art. In this case i’m going to express my art through my articles and general thoughts. I’m just a student trying to get through all the challenges that life gives me. I’m 24, so i can be considered a “Zillenial”and i can’t complain about it because i can get the best of both worlds. I’m going to write about everything, as the site name, i’m polyfunctional and that means that i’m interested in so many things and i’m even mediocre in a lot of them but i don’t really succeed in any particular thing. I’m Italian, so please don’t be too hard on me when i make english mistakes but it makes me feel more confident writing in another language because it can help me to soften my bitchiness that it could pop up too easily if i had to write in my native language.

“Polyfunctional kinda gal”


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