The early 2000′ and the weight obsession: why millennial and zillennial are the most affected by this trend.

I was born in 1997 and even though I was pretty young I still remember the pressure to be as skinny as possible, that  was the trend and I wanted to fit in. If you take a look at the biggest celebs of that period you might see that they all have something in common: that’s right, they are skinny as hell. I don’t wanna shame people who are skinny, I wanna shame the society that imposed this trend, because it messed up a lot of teens during that years.

Here’s some pic of the celebs of that years.

Lindsey Lohan and Nicole Richie

Now you can see that these people are obviously under weight, I’m no expert or dietician, but it’s undeniable that this trend was really dangerous, especially on the youngest, that might already face  their own insecurities and issues. I remember thinking that I must look this way, but my body had a different shape. I’ve got my first period when I was only 9 years old and it was really traumatic, because I wasn’t ready for all that changes in my body. I grew up in just a few months, I became taller and also my body started to change in a more hourglass shape. For me that meant that I was fat. I felt fat, when in fact, if look back at old photos I wasn’t fat at all, I was just growing up. However according to society I was fat, because I’ve always been more on the curvy side,  no matter how much dieting I would do. Luckily the trend has changed, also thanks to, and I hate to admit, to the Kardashians, who set a different body trend, also unreachable I may add, but at least a little bit “Healthier” and where you don’t have to starve yourself. It’s undeniable the Kardashians success and influence, especially in America where now the beauty standard is completely different. 

However there’s also the dark side of it, like every trend. Now natural skinny people are body shamed even if they are in perfect health, and also it’s seems like you need to have perky boobs and booty and at the same time a tight tummy, kinda impossible I’d say. Kinda impossible for common people, because you have to workout in a really specific way to reach this kind of body, and even if you try your hardest, you won’t reach the Kardashian body type, who’s also filled with plastic surgery, again I’m not against it but it’s important to know. It’s important for the youngest to know that some bodies are reachable only through plastic surgeries. That’s why I think in the last few years BBL surgery demand has increased tremendously. 

Kim and Courtney Kardashian.

These pic were published in the early 2000 to show how “Fat” Ashley Simpson was. 


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