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You shouldn’t have too much expectations for new year’s eve

I learnt during my long 25 years of life that you shouldn’t expect anything for your new year’s eve celebration. Every time I had something planned, it sucked, seriously. I’m talking about having party with 4 years younger people to be in the middle of the street traying to avoid to be killed because of the fireworks, or being the adult friend and helping everyone who’s had too much to drink and it’s throwing up even their soul. I’ve always dreamt of spending my new year’s eve with my half but guess what? iT NEVER HAPPENED. The last 3 years I spent the most awful New Years eve you could ever imagine. One was with my ex who wanted to break up with me while “Still loving me”, the second one I spent it in my bed and the other one I spent it alone cause the boyfriend at the time bailed on me last minute, just to call me at midnight with a fucking “happy new year” text message. This year however despite my luck, I may wanna say that I had for the first time in years a decent night. Yes I walked for 3 hours trying to find a place to drink, yes we were a really weird group 5 Sicilian and two dutch girl we just met in front of a sketchy tourist trap club but yet we did have our fun. We, I, found a table in the most tourist area of Barcelona and despite covid, tourists, scammers we did have our drinks and a great night between some Italian, English, Spanish and dutch word. And let’s see at the bright side with all of the walking I reached my daily 10.000 steps goal, so not that bad. For once after the worst year of my life, I had fun during this “wicked” night.  So I guess my thoughts on this are that if you’re thinking at the worst something decent might came up, but if you’re expecting the best, honey you won’t have it. Trust me, from a former looser during New year’s eve.