Euphoria- the peculiarity of the color palette for each character

Every character is Euphoria has a specific color palette. 


We’re going to start with Maddie, her main color is purple, and this is very interesting because something as simple as a color can really impact how you view a character, how you feel during a certain scene. We cannot deny that there’s definitely a certain psychology behind it. The choice of purple for the character of Maddy is really appropriate because usually this color is associate with royalty and status and Maddy is definitely a powerful and a leader character. This color also represents moodiness and drama, and we can see she is as well. Also, this color is mostly used with sexiness and sensuality and Maddy is most certainly a very sensual girl. 

Alexa Demi as Maddy


Jules color palette is one of the most unique. In fact, is full of pastel colors. I think it reflects a lot her personality. Multi colors are very artistic and playful and can be even seen as childish which describe her personality quite well. She’s a quite confident person, so this does reflect through the bold choice of colors as well. She uses a lot of pink to conquer her ideal image of femininity given her transition. 

Hunter Schafer as Jules


Rue main color is maroon is especially significant because of her maroon hoodie (it was her dead father hoodie). This color makes perfect sense because maroon is composed by red and brown. Maroon is more an introverted version of true red, but it is still passionate. Both colors symbolize love and aggressiveness, both traits that rue has. Maroon is also a comforting color, like she might need comforting, and it also might mean protections, in fact she’s protective of her sisters and Jules. 

Zendaya as Rue


Cassie only wears two main colors, light blue and light pink. The main used, however is light blue and it symbolizes sadness and Cassie struggles a lot with daddy issues and also these colors are often associated with loneliness which is something that Cassie is terrified of. Blue is a really emotional color, and we can see that she uses the deepest shade of blue on her darkest moment, when gets an abortion. Pink on the other hand is associated with romance. Cassie is a hopeless romantic, however she wears more childish pink than confident and bold pink that might be because of her insecurities. She’s not innocent but she’s definitely naïve. 

Sydney Sweeney as Cassie


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