“It wasn’t the violence that scared her. It was the fact that she knew , no matter what she did, she’d still love him.”

Rue and Jules

By being on tik tok my FYP (for you page for those who don’t use the app ) is filled with video of this new HBO tv series called Euphoria. I wasn’t really interested at first. Honestly the only thing that caught my attention was the lead actress who’s Zendaya, very popular American actress and the general color palette used as the main theme for the series. Euphoria (based on an Israeli mini-series with the same name) premiered on HBO June 16th. When I saw a few sneak peeks, I simply understood that this was a teen drama, nothing special then. However, tik tok particularly pressing marketing campaign worked and I found myself in a binge-watching loop for about a week for the first season of the TV series. I felt drained by the end of it, I didn’t sleep for about a week to be able to finish it all. I felt drained in the sense that this series is so devastating in its depth and especially in its rawness. Honestly it may be a particular trait of mine, but I do seriously love series that are so raw that leave nothing to chance and especially that are not afraid to show the real shit. Let’s face it, life can sometimes be shitty, and this is what Euphoria try, in a particularly extreme way, manages to convey. I think it succeeds in capturing the viewer so much because it deals with various issues, including substance abuse, domestic violence, toxic relationships, difficulties in relating to their parents who are not always perfect role models, friendships that are sometimes unstable, traumas, fear of not fitting into society, etc. All the actor performances are on point and the casting I do believe it fits them perfectly, and some of the actors were even scouted in street or in the mall. I do think that this series is target to both the youngest and the adult people, but it must be watched with a critical and empathic point of view. It also may be triggering, I warn you because it was it for me but at the same time it was somewhat cathartic is someway, so now it is up to you to decide if it’s worth it watch it or not. 

Euphoria Season 1 Trailer


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