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The Handmaid’s Tale: is it just a distopian tv show or it may actually become a reality?

There is more than one kind of freedom. Freedom to and freedom from. In the days of anarchy, it was freedom to. Now you are being given freedom from. Don’t underrate it.


Today, on September 2, the most extreme abortion law takes effect in Texas. This law will ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and most people were shocked by it, cause by the time that a woman realizes she may be pregnant, six weeks may already been passed. And this law isn’t even the most disgusting thing, the biggest one, in my opion, is the “reward” of 10,000 US dollars given to the citizens who report abortion providers. Is this really the society we want to live in? A society of wistleblowers, but not common ones, these are people against women and their freedom.

Why did i pick the handmaid’s tale as an example? it’s pretty understandable why, if you have seen the tv show or read the book, but if you didn’t, i’ll explain it to you. The handmaid’s tale shows a utopian society were the american government has fallen, and now it is named the Government of Gilead. This republic was established to fight against the low fertility rates and the environmental pollution. It doesn’t seems that bad, right? WRONG. It is not a republic. it’s a totalitarian and theonomic regime. The society that we all know doesn’t exists anymore. The targeted people in this regime are women, lgbtq+ people, academic teachers, priests and so on. In these society only the fertile women are considered “useful”, you may wonder why, well they’re useful to be monthly raped but the Gilead government sugarcoats it as “the ceremony” where these women are raped by the generals with the presence of their “infertile” wives. So, this is a brief summary of a great book and tv series adaptation.

Why do you think i chose this example and compared it to the texas new law? I think you might guess my answer. In both situations, Distopian and real, women are only seen as an object and therefore as a fertile uterus with no human presence attached to it. Let’s be honest here, prolife people declare that they do care about the unborn embryon ( i do specifically used this word because at 6 weeks it’s not a baby, it’s a freaking embryon) and its safety. And what about the woman? no matter the circumstances, it’s her body, therefore her choice. Now, let’s be real prolife people don’t give a crap about the baby, they do care about having control over women bodies. I do have hope for the actual younger generation ( Millenials and GenZ) because they are politically involved and i do trust their judgment and political choices. One day they will be on charge and I strongly believe they will make a huge difference.