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Does pretty priviledge really exists? : Analysis on the Ted Bundy case

In the last year the youngest are starting to raise the matter of “Pretty priviledge”, I’ve seen videos all over tik tok, the famous social media, and i couldn’t not look into it and make my personal consideration on the topic. The first thing the popped up in my mind was the Ted Bundy Case: one of the most heinous murderer in the U.S. The trial had a significant media reaction, mostly because a lot of people couldn’t believe that someone so charming and beautiful could commit such horrific crimes. But besides this attractive facade there was : murder, rape and necrophilia. Ted bundy may have killed more than 100 women ( 36 confirmed), decapitated 12 victims and his usual modus-operandi was to allure the victim by asking for help or faking an injury . Then he would rape them and beat them to death. He escaped prison twice and in the end was sentenced twice for death penalty and on January 24, 1989, Bundy was executed around 7 a.m. at the Florida State Prison in an electric chair . You may ask why Ted Bundy became so famous, aside from his heinous actions, well he was in fact described by the press as good looking, charming and a good speaker, he even represented himself in court. His partner, tried to report him to the police but they didn’t believe her until she went a second time with some evidence. The most disturbing thing is, in my opinion, the fact that most people couldn’t believe that Ted Bundy was capable of such crimes just because of his beauty.

Ted Bundy
Zac Efron as Ted Bundy

My personal experience and opinion with pretty priviledge

I’ve seen both sides, by being the ugly one and by being more attractive. People do treat you differently, most men are not usually nice when you’re not attractive but when my appearance changed i’ve noticed how people would treat me differently. Women were intimidated or would jugde me harshly to undermine my self-esteem. Being friend with a man became mostly impossible, they always had an agenda. The uglier you are, the easier it is to make friends but more difficult are the chances to find someone really interested in you. The prettier you are, the more people try to hit you up and treat you nicely but at the same time they assume that you’re a brainless dumb. Accordingly with our society you can’t be both. Smart and Beautiful. I’m referring to the standardized concept of “Beauty” that i do not endorse because i think that everyone is unique and you can’t really fit someone’s appearance into one pre made box. I’m still me, just a little different. Also, another factor considered “good” for your the beauty standards is when you loose a massive amount of weight, which i did, by going from 78 kg to 52 kg in one year. People always congratulate me as if i reached a form of worthiness just because i’ve lost weight. Behind a huge weight loss there’s always some personal reasons that you don’t even know, let alone can imagine.

About me

Mi(♡)art comes from the strong passion that i have for all kind of art. In this case i’m going to express my art through my articles and general thoughts. I’m just a student trying to get through all the challenges that life gives me. I’m 24, so i can be considered a “Zillenial”and i can’t complain about it because i can get the best of both worlds. I’m going to write about everything, as the site name, i’m polyfunctional and that means that i’m interested in so many things and i’m even mediocre in a lot of them but i don’t really succeed in any particular thing. I’m Italian, so please don’t be too hard on me when i make english mistakes but it makes me feel more confident writing in another language because it can help me to soften my bitchiness that it could pop up too easily if i had to write in my native language.

“Polyfunctional kinda gal”